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10 More Ways To Save The Planet

Here is round 2 of our tips to save the planet on a daily basis. Even though we might think our actions do not have any impact for the wellness of our planet, it actually does make a difference if we all decide to take a step towards sustainability. 

Let's make a difference together : 

1. Unplug appliances whenever you don't use them or leave your house for a few days. It's an easy step and makes a lot of difference in terms of energy. 

2. DIY your own cleaning products. Last time we gave you a few tips for laundry detergents, now it's time to make our own cleaning supplies.  

3. Use a bamboo toothbrush. They now make a lot of different ones for you to choose from. They're as efficient as any other toothbrush and way less polluting then standard plastic ones. 

4. Use reusable wraps whenever you make a gift to someone. They're so pretty and can be used from gifts to gifts. They're tones of way to wrap your gifts using those. You can be sure that you gifts will stand out from the others. 

5. Whenever you feel like going out for coffee, bring your reusable cup with you. You can find so many cute ones now whether it is for your hot or cold drinks. 

6. Try thrifting instead of buying new clothes. You can find really cool and unique pieces to add to your wardrobe. 

7. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the market and avoid buying any that are wrapped in plastic. There's nothing more frustrating than seeing bananas in a plastic wrap... I mean, they have their own protection. 

8. Use a menstrual cup or period underwear instead of tampons or pads. The cups last for about 5 years and are easy to find. 

9. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth. It's something our parents used to tell us all the time, and now we can all understand why. Same thing applies when we scrub our bodies in the shower. 

10. Use natural sunscreen. As you may know, sunscreen are actually pretty bad for our environment and sea life. The chemicals inside of the products cause harm to our oceans, let's switch for a more sustainable option. 



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