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Summer products we love from ethical brands

Summer has finally arrived. Sun is out and hot temperatures are finally around. We wanted to give you some ethical options to your usual summer products. Whether it regards the formula of some products or the supply chain in general, it's always great to have sustainable options to our daily products. 

Sunscreens : 

- Ethical Zinc : This brand offers australian made, certificate natural zinc sunscreens. The products are made in Australia using 100% solar power. Certified cruelty free. Non-nano & Reef safe. Suitable for sensitive skin with no chemical UV filters.

- Ecoroots : This small business is woman-owned, cruelty-free and vegan. There's no animal testing on any products and the brand uses 100% recyclable packaging. 

- Flora and Fauna : The brand focuses on low-impact products and sends their parcels out with plastic-free minimal packaging. They have been doing this for 5 years and have saved over 30 tonnes of unnecessary packaging by doing so. 

Eyewear : 

- Tijneyewear : To make as little impact on our environment as possible, the brand is using sustainable materials on over 70% of their products. 5% of their profit will be donated to sustainability by 2025. 

- Woodzee : The brand has introduced their recycle program in 2013 to deliver the best customer experience and to further their goals of educating and inspiring a connection between Style and Nature. Their sunglasses are 100% recyclable and just need to follow 3 simple steps. 

- Genusee : Genusee eyewear is Made in Flint, Michigan from recycled plastic water bottles as a result of the Flint Water Crisis. They are bringing a new manufacturing legacy to the city of Flint by creating jobs; turning the surplus of plastic waste caused by the man-made water crisis into closed loop eyewear.

Swimsuits : 

Londre BodywearSo far, Londre has recycled 750,000 plastic bottles off of the beaches and streets into their sustainable swimwear offering. All water used in their process is able to be reused, and at the end of your suits long life, is able to be recycled into new materials. 

- DoGoodSwimwear : Each swimsuit is made out of recycled materials using ocean waste (such as, fish nets, plastic bottles, and old nylons) which is then recycled and turned into a beautiful, soft, and comfortable material- perfect for swimsuits!

- SalomeSwim : At Salomé, productions are made in limited quantities. The swimwear at Salomé is crafted with Italian fabric made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon fiber, and thanks to the technology behind the fabric, it is resistant to chlorine, soft and offers UV protection. 

- Outerknown : The brand has helped keeping out of the landfill through their Outerworn platform more than 1,300 Garments. By prioritizing industry-serving resale, repair, and recycling programs, they are aiming to make 100% of our products circular by 2030.



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