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5 Reasons to Buy Eco-friendly Clothes

If you were still wondering why you should buy more sustainable clothes, whether it is for you, your friends or your family, here are 5 reasons to convince you to do so. 

1. Less impact on the planet 

We all know how bad of an impact fast-fashion has had on our planet. New collections coming out every week usually means the conditions and the impact on our planet are pretty bad. Buying eco-friendly clothes means less impact on our planet and oceans in regards of pollutions. When purchasing sustainable clothes, you're not only doing a favour to your local and small businesses but also for our planet. Whether you're buying a sustainable T-shirt or sustainable Jogger, every little change counts if everyone does it. 

2. Safer clothes for your children 

Organic clothes are great for us in general, whether it is for our kids or for ourselves. Ethical clothes are most probably produced with natural dyes. These dyes are better for our planet but also for our skin as they protect us from UV Rays. Isn't it great ? We all know how much kids love to play outside all afternoon. Well, clothes made from natural dyes will help them protect their skin even better. 

3. A cleaner planet for future generations

Buying sustainable clothes for you children is ensuring a better future for them. By purchasing durable clothes, you ensure cleaner oceans, less polluted water, encourage slow fashion and putting an end to fast-fashion and the damages it causes on our planet. Who wouldn't want to help our kids have a cleaner planet ?

4. Fair labor and Manufacturing practices

Eco-friendly clothing also means that the manufacturing processes are better for our planet but also for the workers. Working in a conscious manner takes into account every step of the supply chain meaning that everything surrounding the production of clothes is sustainable and done in respectful manner towards the planet and workers. Our manufacturer, for example, has numerous certifications proving great working conditions and a safe working-environment. 

5. Better Quality Clothes

Last but not least, ethical clothes are known to be of better quality and to last longer. This is usually the reason why sustainable clothes are sometimes more expensive than regular clothes you can find in the market. It's not a secret that better quality manufacturing processes are not as cheap as regular ones. However, the quality of your clothes will be the best proof that your money was well invested in the ethical piece of clothing you just bought. 

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