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5 reasons to fall in love with natural dyes

We use natural dyes in the production of our clothes. But do you really know what the advantages are?

1 — It's kinder to our planet

Usually, dyes are made with chemical or synthetic ingredients which the names are too hard to say or to read. Natural dyes on the other hand are made with plants and minerals, so they are kinder to our planet since the natural ingredients aren’t damaging for the environment, the animals and the workers.

2 — It's safer for our health

Since natural dyes don’t contain any chemical or synthetic ingredients, it's safer for the person's health and well-being, whether they make or wear the garment. The workers are especially put in danger since the chemical or synthetic ingredients can cause serious diseases.

3 — It's kinder to our water ressources

When the remaining dye is dumped into our waters or our fields, it affects the home of thousands of plants and animals. Natural dyes are not damaging to the fauna and flora and are kinder to our water resources.

4 — It's better for our children's skin

Since natural dyes don’t contain any chemical or synthetic ingredients, they are hypoallergenic. So it's a perfect alternative for children with allergies or sensitive skin. Ethical clothes (and dyes) are better for your children and the planet. 

5 — It's a source of UV protection

Fun fact : natural dyes protect the skin from the sun better than other dyes, as they provide the garment a higher UV absorption. This makes them ideal for hot summer days at the park with your kids. They can stay comfy and be protected from the sun all day long. 



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