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Shop without feeling guilty

How many times have you received a delivery package that was far too big for the product you purchased? I’m sure you all thought of that one specific time this happened to you. And let’s be honest, it’s frustrating when this happens. We automatically feel guilty and think about it twice before ordering something else from this same place. 

Being sustainable doesn’t end at the production of clothes. 4KIDS tries to have a sustainable approach at each stage of its supply chain, including the packaging and shipping of every order. Buying clothes online doesn’t have to be harmful to the planet, new ways are now available for brands and customers to improve their online shopping behaviour. 

4KIDS is aware of these details and ensures that every order is properly packed. No unnecessary packaging will be used in any of your orders. Furthermore, packaging can now be 100% compostable. This kind of packaging is available for envelopes and non-fragile products. It is an easy practice that 4KIDS decided to implement into its supply chain. Here is an example of the package you’ll receive at your doorstep when ordering clothes from us. 

Order packaging
Clothing protecting pouch

BUT, sustainability practices do not stop here. 4KIDS is committed to being environmentally friendly. This includes the option for customers to have their orders delivered in a carbon neutral manner. This option can be chosen before checkout and allows the customer to offset its carbon footprint related to its purchase.
We are proud to be able to reduce our environmental footprint throughout our customers' shopping journey and to offer them the opportunity to be more environmentally conscious. Join us in saving the planet one t-shirt at a time.


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