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Good News from February 2022

February was a great month regarding sustainable decisions. Thanks to the One Ocean Summit that was held from February 9th to February 11th in France, countries and leaders were faced to reality regarding ocean pollution.  


Here are a few engagements from the summit : 
  • Protect high seas (from UE Countries).
  • Fight ocean plastic pollution. An international agreement should be signed to stop this form of pollution.
  • Fight over-fishing. Too many illegal fishing boats are still in activity and countries are trying to have more control over it.
  • 30 new countries have joined the High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People aiming to protect 30% of planet's land and oceans by 2030.


4KIDS One Ocean Summit Leaders

World leaders at the One Ocean Summit


Other than that, other great things happened:
  • The first ever Energy Island is said to be completed by 2030 in Denmark. This island will produce green electricity and will be used to power the country's population.
  • A wood forest in California has been returned to a native tribe. The forest was purchased by the Save the Redwoods League who then gave the ownership to the tribe. 
  • The first ever 100% electric passenger airplane is about to fly for the first time. Engineers have been working on this prototype since 2019. This plane could be in service in 2023. That's a promising future for our planet. 


Energy Island in Denmark  Energy Island prototype


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