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Good News From April 2022


Read our monthly good news ! Great things happened this months and we wanted to take some times to explain them to you. Let's save our planet together. 


- France initiated a Polar Strategy for the first time ever. This strategy concerns Arctic and Antarctica. The budget will be used to hire scientist to find solutions in order to fight climate change in these regions. This strategy will help to resolve the lack of investment from the country in this region. 

4KIDS Good News April 2022

- A Silicon Valley Startup is focusing on finding new prototypes and technologies to fight climate change right from our home. Startups focusing on climate change have raised more money this year than previous ones. 

4KIDS Good News April 2022

- China says to invest and look further into their sponge cities that are able to stop flooding episodes. Unpredictable rainfall and environmental catastrophes now come up more often than before and this strategy could be a solution. 

4KIDS Good News April 2022

- A scientific study has found that the rainforest had helped reduce the world's temperature by 1 degree Celsius. The rainforest also provides shelter foods, livelihood and rainfall. 

4KIDS Good News April 2022

- The world celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd. A great day to remind ourselves of the beauty of our planet Earth and daily habits we can adopt to help protect our planet. 4KIDS decided to create a Learning Kit for Children to help them understand the beauty of our planet.  

4KIDS Learning Kit Earth Day


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