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10 Eco-Friendly Brands

Being a sustainable brand from Montreal, it's inspiring to see other brands with the same vision and values as us.

Today, we wanted to highlight other brands that have at heart the protection of our planet and that offer products safe for the environment. 

Skincare products : 

- BKIND : Their wide range of beauty products will make you love creating and doing your skincare. They make sure to use safe and great quality ingredients to create the best formulas. Also, they decided to give back a percentage of their sales to a non-profit organisation. 

- Omy Cosmetics : This company makes it possible to create your very own product based on a skincare quiz they created. Also helped with an AI, they make sure to analyse your skin as it should to identify key problems. Every ingredient is chosen carefully and under strong regulations. 
4KIDS Ecofriendly brands article
- Énamour : Every aspect of their brand is sustainable. Here, we're talking about their products, packaging and ingredients. Their minimalist skin products will leave your baby's skin with the softest feel. We know how much it's important to have great quality products, especially when it is used on such young skin. 
4KIDS Ecofriendly brands article
- Savan : This Quebec brand makes sure to use non toxic products in their formulas. Every product is produced here in Quebec. This allow them to be aware of each step of their supply chain in order to create the best quality and safe products for our skin. 
4KIDS Ecofriendly brands article
- Céla : Every one of their skincare product is made out of one of their 6 main Canadian extracts. These natural formulas make sure to leave your skin flawless and radiant while protecting the environment. You'll have the feeling to bring the spa to your home. 
4KIDS Ecofriendly brands article

Fashion and accessories :

- Mary Young : If you're looking for fresh new underwear, loungewear or swimwear, check out this brand. They focus on producing their products with ethical materials from Canada. The main material they use is bamboo, providing maximum comfort in each piece of clothing. 
4KIDS Ecofriendly brands article
- Solios : This brand offers watches that recharge with the sun. No more battery waste. You can be sure your watch will last a lifetime. Plus, their design are very trendy. They have your back on everything. 
4KIDS Ecofriendly brands article
- Betina Lou : Designed and cut in Montreal, this brand is one of the few that can proudly say that their products are made locally. They make sure to chose fabrics that are respectful of the environment in order to create classic and chic collections for our every day looks. 
4KIDS Ecofriendly brands article
- Frank and Oak : As you may all know, Frank and Oak has been a part of the sustainable club for a long time now. They continue to work with great sustainable practices and offer clothes made out of material that are respectful for our environment. Throughout their whole supply chain, Frank and Oak makes sure to respect our planet. 
4KIDS Ecofriendly brands article
- Em & May : This swimwear and loungewear brands makes it their priority to reduce waste and overstock as much as they can. They work on a made-to-order model. That way they are able to offer a wide range of size and cancel waste as they produce the exact amount of orders. 
4KIDS Ecofriendly brands article


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