Slow-fashion what?

Most people are familiar with fast-fashion, but what is slow-fashion?

Slow-fashion is the adoption of ethical and environmental friendly practices through all the supply chain. The movement preaches respect for animals, humans and our planet by making sustainable choices. This is as relevant for the manufacturers as it is for the consumers.

Practices in the slow-fashion movement include taking care of workers, because everybody deserves the same kind of love your little ones give to their favorite toys. Essentially, slow-fashion involves fair wages, fair working conditions and everything in between. 

Slow-fashion practices also include taking care of our planet — it helps to reduce the amount of waste created by the fashion industry each year. In fact, the amount of waste created by the fashion industry is the equivalent of a garbage truck filled with garments thrown away every second. It also includes using textiles and dyes that are good for the planet, the workers and the person wearing the final garment. Per example, the use of chemical or synthetic ingredients is not rare. They are used in fields to make the fibre grow faster and in different parts of the production line to give the garments different aspects. Sadly, these chemicals end up in our waters or in our garments. 

More the reason why it is important to be aware of the process and the resources required to produce garments. Quality over quantity is the motto of the movement. Be part of it and show the future generation how badass it is to consume kindly!