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The Reef Restoration Foundation

The Great Barrier Reef has always been a part of the ocean that is so mesmerizing. The different vibrant colors and animal species that live in this area of the oceans are all so unique and beautiful that we wish we could see that part of the world on a daily basis. However, climate change has had a terrible impact on this part of the ocean and organizations are trying to find new ways to save our corals, that are so important for nature. 


We're glad to present to you the Reef Restoration Foundation. This foundation is a not-for-profit social enterprise that is establishing a series of ocean-based coral nurseries using a proven method, which is a part of the solution for a healthy Great Barrier Reef.

Since 2016, the Great Barrier Reef has been enduring a lot of damages and has seen over two third of its corals being damaged and bleached. It was estimated that 29% of the coral was lost in 2016 after the bleaching episode and cyclone that hit the coast of Australia. 

The Great Barrier Reef is maybe one of the most spectacular creation of our planet. Filled with colorful and impressive size corals, there's no secret that the loss of almost 30% of those corals is devastating for our nature and oceans' living creatures dependant of these corals.

Great Barrier Reef


Even though we faced a tragic event regarding our barrier reef, we can still do our part to restore as many corals as we can in order to reconstruct the barrier. That is what the Foundation is all about. In 2016, the CEO of the brand figured that corals could be replanted and could grow again if done properly when he tried to do so in an aquarium. In 2018 after researches and fundings, the very first outplant of coral was made to the barrier reef. Everyday, the team tries to build new coral nursery in order to replant them and rebuild the reef we're losing. 


4KIDS has at heart the wellness of our planet and oceans. We're trying to save the oceans from plastic pollution as much as we can and the Reef Restoration foundation fits perfectly in our primary mission. 


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