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4 Ways to Know if a Brand is Sustainable

Lately, brands have been in the spotlight for the lack of judgment they have regarding their manufacturing choices. Despite their global presence and renown, those brands have a hard time adopting sustainable and eco-friendly behaviours for our planet. As a consumer, it is now our duty to stay informed and adopt sustainable habits when it comes to buying new products.

Numerous brands step into the light everyday and have for mission to introduce their customers to new sustainable consumption behaviours. Here are a few of them :

  1. Local production : Every country overflows from small businesses trying to gain popularity. As consumers, we now have thousands of resources allowing us to look for those new local brands. Sometimes, three clicks are enough to find a gem. That way, we’re not not only helping our local economy and businesses but also benefiting from unique and trendy products. Let’s try to purchase more from those small local brands. For example, 4KIDS is a Canadian brand working with local artists when it comes to the design of each piece. However, we chose to work with an overseas manufacturer for its benefits in terms of sustainable practices. 

  2. Product composition: Even though businesses have local production, this does not mean that their products are made sustainably. That’s why it’s important to look at the composition of the product before purchasing it. Nowadays, a lot of products are made from sustainable manufacturing processes and recycled materials. Those sustainable processes make it possible to transform garbage into real products. For example, recycled plastic bottles can now become garments. This transformation is in fact pretty simple and makes it possible for clothes to be ethically made. 

  3. Product prices: this is a great indicator for the quality of the product. Fast fashion sadly has taken over the industry the past few years. Big brands like SHEIN and Primark are well known for their very cheap products. This marketing strategy works very well because who wouldn’t want to pay less for clothes ? However, those low prices hide questionable practices and low quality materials. A 4$ t-shirt is not something you should be used to seeing. A price way under the average shouldn’t be considered as a great deal. Buying clothes that are more expensive but that will last longer should be the new way of consuming. Let's embrace the slow-fashion industry together. 4KIDS leaves you the chance to use your clothes for a long period of time, its oversize fit and gender-neutral designs make it possible for the clothes to be given from siblings to siblings. The price might be higher than fast-fashion brands, but you can be assured that the clothes will last longer. 

  4. Manufacturer: international manufacturing processes are not always the reflection of bad quality products and questionable work conditions. A lot of brands choose to work with international manufacturers for different reasons. Some are for monetary reasons, others are for unique manufacturing processes. Indeed, it’s not always easy to find local manufacturers that offer sustainable and unique production systems. For example, the transformation of recycled plastic bottles into clothes is not easy to find in North America. It’s sometimes necessary for brands to work with international third-parties in order to offer sustainable and eco-friendly products. When you have the opportunity, try to find information about the manufacturing processes that come in the production of the garments you wish to buy. 

 4KIDS gradient sweatpants

Valexia is wearing our Golden Sand Classic T-shirt. Jay opted for a funky outfit and is wearing our Turquoise Classic T-shirt paired with our colorful Gradient Sweatpants.  


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