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Good news from January 2022

Considering that we have at heart the wellness of our planet and that we’re always seeking for new ways to offer sustainable clothing, we also think that it is important that we keep you updated on positive sustainable news happening in the world every month.

We begin today by gathering a few great news that happened in January : 

  • The tiny tequila splitfin, an endangered species since 2003 in Mexico, has been saved thanks to the animal conservation centers. It is now possible to observe this species in nature and in large numbers. 


  • Despite the death of thousands of coral reefs due to climate change, it has been proven that those reefs still produce rich and crucial nutrients for the oceans. 


  • Beginning June 30th, Italy is going to ban animal breeding intended for fur production. It’s the 16th European country to vote for this law. It will now be forbidden to capture and torture animals such as foxes, minks and more to sell their furs. 


  • The Ingka group (IKEA owner) had decided to buy a 3200 hectare parcel of forest in Florida that had been destroyed after the hurricane. They have for mission to restore the parcel and plant new trees.


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